Business Climate and Building Owner Surveys Launched

The Canandaigua Local Development Corporation is crafting support programming to assist area business owners and commercial property owners in developing out and growing your business.

To ensure that our programming gets to the heart of your needs, the LDC has launched two surveys:

The Business Climate Survey seeks to gain the unique perspective of business owners in the Canandaigua community. What motivated you to locate your business here? How can local government best support you in your plans for growth, what programs or amenities would encourage you to expand your business? These questions and more will steer our investment toward growing and diversifying the community’s economy.

The Downtown Building Owners Survey is designed to help us understand the best ways to support property owners in redeveloping their buildings, and moving toward full occupancy. One of the LDC’s top priorities is boosting the vibrancy and economic competitiveness of downtown, and your perspectives will help us get there.

Surveys are open through the end of the year, but please complete them as soon as you can. Results will be released in early 2021, and our Board and staff will immediately begin developing programming designed to meet your identified needs.

Thanks for investing your time, talent, and resources in Canandaigua. Our community is built upon your hard work!

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